🎧 Apache Kafka and Porsche: Fast Cars and Fast Data ft. Sridhar Mamella

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We have all heard of Porsche, but did you know that Porsche utilizes event streaming with Apache Kafka®?  Today, Sridhar Mamella (Platform Manager, Data Streaming Platforms, Porsche) discusses how Kafka’s event streaming technology powers Porsche through Streamzilla.

With the modern Porsche car having 150–200 sensors, Sridhar dives into what Streamzilla is and how it functions with Kafka on premises and in the cloud. 

He reveals how the first months of event streaming in production went, Porsche’s path to the cloud, Streamzilla's learnings from a developer and a business perspective, and plans for parts of Streamzilla to go open source.

Stick around through the end as Sridhar talks through cloud migration, cloud-first strategy, and Porsche’s event streaming use cases. This Streaming Audio is all about speed—fast cars and fast data, an episode you won't want to miss!


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