How to include the table name in the message key?

I’m working on a project where I need to support both native CDC and JDBC connectors for SQL Server. The CDC connector will be used for those customers that have the version of SQL Server that supports CDC. The CDC Connector provides a message key that includes the table name. For the JDBC connector, is there a way to include the table name as part of the message key?

I’ve looked at the SMTs ExtractField and ValueToKey but they only seem to operate on the fields. By inspecting the message value, I can see that the table name is provided as part of the and could write code to extract and set the key. However, I’m wondering if there is already a method or setting that would do this.

For example, here is an example of the message, and the table name is LvPatientTypes:
“schema”: {
“type”: “struct”,
“fields”: [ … ],
“optional”: false,
“name”: “LvPatientTypes
“payload”: { … }