Log Compaction pointers


Reading about log compaction on a topic, I was wondering if there is any way to get hold of any of the positions/offsets of the following?

  • end of the head
  • start of the tail
  • compaction cleaner point.

Basically the point at which the compacted and non-compacted parts of the log meet?



I’m guessing this is not possible?

You can alway get topic partitions end and beginning offsets (eg, via AdminClient or some command line tools; also KafkaConsumer has this information).

I don’t think that the “compaction cutoff offset” is exposed. But why would you need it?

Hi Thanks for the reply.

I’ve cross posted here

and here


to try and get to the bottom of my use case…

At the moment I’m learning about Connect/Streams and ksqlDb to see if I’m missing a trick here with how kafka works… :slight_smile: