RocksDB Connector - Source

Hi all

Scanning through the list of connectors I could not find… am I being blind, or is there no source connector for RocksDB.


To my knowledge, there is not one, no, so you’ll need to write your own.

Can you explain the use case?

Rocksdb is typically built from a compacted Kafka topic, rather than the other way around.

I can imagine the reason that there isn’t such a connector is because it would require the Rocksdb instance to be local to the connector task, and could not be used with distributed mode very easily

I have a ISV application that utilises RocksDB as a data store, want to use a connector to extract the data without touching the application.


Alright, well, there are several blog posts on writing your own connector

For example, this one uses a Source Connector

will store the reference, not my wheelhouse, might need one of the developers to look into this if we proceed down the path.



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