Salesforce Sink REST/Bulk Api Connectors - Unable to map referenced records with external id

Hi Experts,

I am configuring salesforce REST/Bulk API sink connectors to load data from external systems into Salesforce. Everything is working fine except one challenge.

  • External systems are sending child records data - Opportunities and these messages contain Account external id.

  • When Opportunity is inserted into Salesforce it is expected that they are connected to be connected to related account.

  • Salesforce REST and Bulk APIs supports such operation to set the payload using relationship names - Acccount__r.ExternalId__c so the Salesforce record id is resolved automatically by Salesforce.

  • Connector does not seem to support such mappings. I understand salesforce connectors are closed source, so there is no way to look whats happening there.

Can any one help with this please?