A New Tool for Designing and Building Event-Driven Systems

At yesterday’s Apache Kafka Meetup, Bobby Calderwood gave an impressive demo of oNote, a low-code tool for designing and helping to implement event-driven applications.

The tool is based on the concept of event modeling and provides a graphical interface to design systems using events. oNote produces Avro output that can be used by many programming languages to begin implementation.

The team behind oNote is attempting to avoid the mistakes of past low-code / no-code efforts by not building a black-box, and by producing intermediary outputs, like Apache Avro, rather than “my way or the highway” code generation.

I could go on, but Bobby does a better job of explaining it than I could so be sure to check out the recording of the meetup.


Great summary @daveklein! It was a pleasure to present at the meetup.

oNote is offering a free pilot program for companies using Kafka, Avro, and/or Confluent Schema Registry. We’ll provide free Event Modeling sessions, data modeling guidance, and Avro code-gen support to take an event-based app/service from design into production. Contact me for more details.

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