Access to offset.retention.minutes configuration on basic plan

Hi all,

Context : I operate a kafka cluster in SaaS on confluent cloud in basic plan.
We have some topics with a low production rate (several days between messages in some cases).
We are facing offset removing cases due to offset.retention.minutes being to ~ 10000 min by default (

I’d like to configure this offset.retention.minutes to a greater value to match my context.

After some researches in, on google and on this very forum, I cannot found a clear information about the access I have on this configuration in my context ?

Does this configuration is editable in my basic plan ? And if it’s not, is there a greater plan that allow edit on this config ?

Thanks for your replies,

No, offsets.retention.minutes is not currently editable for any Confluent Cloud cluster type. This may change in the future.

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