Accessing CC with google private service connect

Hi friends, I’m trying to test on GCP using private service connect to access a dedicated kafka cluster.

I’m following the instructions to create a GG network first, and connected it with my gcp project, and using private DNS resolution.

And then following this to setup the endpoints and DNS in GCP.

But when I was trying to validate the connectivities on confluent cloud following the instructions, in the gcp vm (in the same project, vpc of my private service connect), I don’t see the new dedicated cluster, but only one of the basic ones I created before when doing confluent kafka cluster list.
In the meantime, at my local which is on the internet, when I run confluent kafka cluster list, the dedicated cluster’s showing up.

Don’t understand what’s happening.

Is the environment containing the dedicated cluster active in the CLI (starred in the output of confluent environment list)? Make sure to run confluent environment use env-***** first.

Alternatively, you can run confluent kafka cluster list --all to list clusters across all environments. Are you getting different output if you run this command locally vs from the GCP VM (and logged in as the same user)?