Announcing our new free trial for Confluent Cloud!

:wave: Hi everyone! I’m a Product Manager at Confluent, and I work on Confluent Cloud.

I’m very excited to announce that we now offer a free trial for Confluent Cloud that does not require you to enter a credit card to get started. (Previously, we would collect credit card details before allowing users to create their first cluster.)

To use this new free trial, you can sign up for Confluent Cloud and get started right away.

  • You’ll get $400 in free credit automatically when you sign up
  • Your free credit expires after 60 days
  • You don’t need to enter a credit card to get started!

Happy streaming!


By chance, is the result of this that you’ll have a cluster created automatically for you in GCP? If so, I was extremely weirded out this morning by that as I logged into CC the second time to get started and there was a cluster already there in a provider I don’t have an account for (GCP).

No, this is not expected. I can look into this, though. Can you please share your Cloud Organization ID? You can find it by navigating to Billing & Payment → Payment Details & Contacts.

That’s not too sensitive a value to send over a public forum? I have a support ticket logged about this issue as well.

Oh great, if you have a support case logged, we’ll follow up there. (Support is the right way to go anyway)