Audit logs visualization

Hello ,

I’d like to use audit logs for monitoring but i cant access the audit log cluster in confluent cloud .
I would like to know how I could visualize the content of the audit log topic for monitoring ?

Thanks !

I am assuming this is the audit log cluster hosted by Confluent Cloud for your Kafka cluster/s.

You’ll need to write a Kafka consumer client that will read the audit logs. There is a way to create a key/secret that has required ACL to read from audit log cluster.

Kafka Connect support was not available as of last year - since the distributed kafka connect process tries to create topics in the audit log cluster and this was not permitted.

With consumer hooked-up, you then then write them into your Kafka topic and then use the required connector/s to move to any other system/s to visualize OR use the consumer directly to write the audit logs into a system of your choice (ex: SPLUNK)

Hope this helps.

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