AWS Kinesis Sink connector


New to the community and also doing a POC with Confluent cloud. I’m wondering what the feasibility of adding support for an AWS Kinesis sink connector. For reasons, we need to be able to stream data out of our Kafka into AWS Kinesis Streams. Amazon does have one (GitHub - awslabs/kinesis-kafka-connector: kinesis-kafka-connector is connector based on Kafka Connect to publish messages to Amazon Kinesis streams or Amazon Kinesis Firehose.). What would the process for making this request officially be (I don’t have access to the support portal because of the free trial)?


Hi @wookasz,

You can use a self-managed Kafka Connect worker to run this connector against Confluent Cloud if you want.

To request a new managed connector in Confluent Cloud there’s a Request a connector button through which you can do this:

@rmoff thanks for the answer!

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