Backup/restore kSQLDB

How can i backup the entire kSQLDB (from a prod env) and restore it (to a dev env) using the CLI?

How are you defining “the entire ksqlDB”? Is it just the streaming app definitions, or does it include the non-derived topic data “to the left” of ksqlDB in a left-to-right pipeline picture?

For the streaming app part of it, check out ksql-migrations (blog). This wouldn’t help to migrate an existing deployment that wasn’t created via migrations, though. It’s more a tool to consider going forward especially if migration across environments will be a common task.

If you also need non-derived topic data, you’d want to check out a topic mirroring tool (e.g., MirrorMaker 2 if running Apache Kafka, Cluster Linking with Confluent, or Replicator with Confluent if Cluster Linking isn’t possible).

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