BigQuery Sink on Confluent Cloud w/ JSON-schema Dates

Hi there!

I’ve recently been moving some of our event-based processes over to Confluent Cloud. I set up a schema registry and tested some of the functionality of that with JSON-schema and really like it. However, when I am setting up my BigQuery connector to auto-create and auto-update the tables, it seems to not be able to produce the “DATE” type I’d expect in BigQuery. I do know that JSON-schema has them as “STRING” types, and you can add “format: “date”” to it for our own benefit, but is there any way to keep using JSON-schema as our validation method and make sure we get the DATE type from the auto-creation process or are we going to just need to create the tables in BQ first?

For reference, here is the relevant part of my JSON-schema:

"properties": {
      "report_date": {
        "type": "string", 
        "format": "date",
        "description": "Source Date"
      }, [...]

Thanks for your help!

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