Can we create multiple broker cluster connecting to single zookeeper cluster


I am looking for a solution for multi-tenant platform. I am not looking to build lot of brokers which might impact the performance.
What I am thinking is to create individual cluster for each tenant but managed by single zookeeper. This can also avoid noisy neighbour situation. Is this possible and advisable. Can replication and schema registry be implemented this architecture.


Zookeeper clusters should have 3, 5, or 7 servers at most, not “single” instances. Assuming you actually want to use Zookeeper instead of KRaft mode…

Multiple Kafka clusters can use the same Zookeeper cluster, or you can use one Zookeeper cluster per Kafka cluster. This depends on your own benchmarking and requirements.

Schema Registry and other components only require Kafka, not a direct connection to Zookeeper.

Yes, I have built a kafka cluster and one zookeeper(5 servers) cluster.
Was looking for an optimum solution for a multi-tenant solution.

Is there any reference document available for multiple kafka cluster with same zookeeper cluster. Any pros and cons.


There is no official documentation, other than the Apache Kafka documentation section on zookeeper.connect itself

You’d use cluster1:2181/kafka1 and cluster1:2181/kafka2, for examples to create a Zookeeper chroot of each cluster.

Again, this is only relevant when not using Kafka KRaft mode.