CCli 1.42.0 issue

Anyone else run into this issue? I upgraded to 1.42.0 this morning:

$ ccloud --version
ccloud version v1.42.0

$ ccloud kafka cluster list
Id | Name | Type | Provider | Region | Availability | Status
* lkc-17nxj | ldp_dev_cluster | BASIC | aws | eu-west-1 | single-zone | UP
lkc-q0x86 | ldp_cluster | DEDICATED | aws | eu-west-1 | single-zone | UP

$ ccloud kafka topic list
Error: unexpected CCloud backend output: protobuf unmarshalling error

Please submit a support ticket.

Hi - We are trying to chase this down as it is very intermittent. A few times it has coincided with transient cloud vendor networking events. Is this issue persisting, if so then that is a more concerning problem. Please let us know and we will have a closer look.