CDC from Z/OS to Kafka


I am looking for a solution to CDC from Z/OS to Kafka. Is there any connectors available for this solution

Hi Lisha,

We didn’t find a solution through connectors, but using a specific CDC tool for this matter called Qlik Replicate. It can connect and capture data from DB2 logs running on Z/OS. Connectors to this kind of platform, if they exist, probably are going to be paid as well.

Take a look on Debezium too. Maybe it can help you with other databases.

Debezium Architecture :: Debezium Documentation

Vinícius Camargos

Thanks Vinicius for confirmation. We are using Debezium for other databases. but for mainframe we were not finding any solution.


Hi Lisha

We had the same kind of requirements and used CDC Qlik Replicate - CDC tool to listen to DB2 transaction logs (Full Load and Incremental ) and push to Kafka topics.

Some of the integrations, We have used the MQ source connector to pull from MQ and write into Kafka topics (mainframe messages over MQ via Kafka)…