🎧 Choreographing the Saga Pattern in Microservices ft. Chris Richardson

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Chris Richardson, creator of the original Cloud Foundry, maintainer of microservices.io and author of “Microservices Patterns,” discovered cloud computing in 2006 during an Amazon talk about APIs for provisioning servers. At this time, you could provision 20 servers and pay 10 cents per hour. This led him in 2008 to create the original Cloud Foundry, a PaaS for deploying Java applications on EC2.

One of the original Cloud Foundry’s earliest success stories was a digital marketing agency for a beer company that ran a campaign around the Super Bowl. Cloud Foundry actually enabled them to deploy an application on AWS and then adjust its capacity based on the load. They were leveraging the elasticity of the cloud back in the ‘08–‘09 timeframe. SpringSource eventually acquired Cloud Foundry, followed by VMware. It's the origin of the name of today's Cloud Foundry.

Later in the show, Chris explains what choreographed sagas are, reasons to leverage them, and how to measure their efficacy.


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