Cluster Migration - Consumer offsets on repartitioning behavior

Hey Team,

I have couple of conceptual doubts on the behaviour of consumers. We have great opportunity while repartition topics which are over partitioned or under partitioned in current cluster while migration.

  1. So in this case of repartitioning in destination cluster, offset to records mapping is not going to be same in the destination cluster as of the source. Does it mean consumer cannot resume the job from target cluster from where it is left in source cluster as __consumer-offsets will not have same mapping?

  2. Replicator uses offset translation using timestamp, does that help in this case.? If yes, replicator’s translation can’t be used for clients other than Java clients. How can I manage this scenario for other than Java clients?

  3. I am not sure if cluster linking allows you to repartition as it is a byte-to-byte copy. Can you please help me understand this as well? Does MM2 have any configurations to cover this?

Please help me understand this, thank you.