Cluster type switch from Standard - Legacy

Looking to switch the cluster type from “Standard - Legacy” to Basic , but didnt find the option to upgrade under - “Cluster settings”. How can we perform this upgrade from “Standard - Legacy”.

The “Standard-Legacy” clusters are scheduled to be deprecated. All PAYG customers should have received an email as well as UI notifications regarding the details. If eligible, Confluent will automatically upgrade your Standard-Legacy cluster to either Basic or Standard cluster on April 1, 2021.

The upgrade to Basic or Standard is determined using the following rules,

  1. All SZ legacy cluster with 1 or no connector tasks will be converted to a Basic cluster.
  2. All SZ legacy clusters with more than 1 connector tasks will be converted to a Standard cluster.
  3. All MZ legacy clusters will be converted to Standard cluster.
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I have production running in “Standard-Legacy” cluster type, hence looking for the scheduled upgrade instead automatic. Can we opt for the window for the upgrade.

The upgrade is seamless and non-disruptive. The only change is with respect to billing associated with the SKU of the upgraded cluster. If this is still an issue, please reach out through Support.

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This is a bit weird. Are you sure that we convert to Basic with just one connector task? The docs say that Basic supports 250 tasks… Confluent Cloud Cluster Types — Confluent Documentation

It should be “more than 1 connector tasks per connector”. Basic cluster is limited to 1 task per connector.