Configuring Kafka Streams Internal Topics

Is it possible to configure Kafka Streams Internal topics (changelog & repartition)?
Setting the number of parititions, replication factor, and retention values?

You can use topic. prefix on the configs:

There is also Materialized object that allows you to control on a per store/changelog level: Materialized (streams 3.6.1 API)

Thanks. This is just what I was looking for .
Is the number of partitions for changelog & repartions topics controlled by the input topic, and something that can not be configured?

Yes. If you want to change it, you would need to add an explicit .repartition() operation which allows you to set the number of partitions for the repartition topic (the downstream sub-topology, will get the same number of tasks, and thus the same number of changelog topic partitions).

The number of changelog topic partitions cannot be set – it’s always coupled to the number of tasks, which is derived from the number of input/repartition topic partitions of the sub-topology.

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