Confluent Cloud and exporting Metric data to ELK

Hi we would like to export metric and maybe some log data from Confluent Cloud into the [
ELK Stack - Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Currently it’s uncertain if we will use ELK On-premises or ELK Cloud

I was wondering if their is a best practice for this ?

I found this:

Were you write a connector to extract metric data from Confluent Cloud.

Would something like this be the way to go ?

Hey @henriksped209

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Maybe you could use prometheus as intermediate stack,
collect confluent cloud metrics and then query prometheus from your ELK stack.

Never tried to query Prometheus from ELK stack, though querying confluent cloud with prometheus works as expected.


Hi Michael

Thanks for the tip. I have used Prometheus before. We used metricbeat to scrape metrics from prometheus on a Openshift installation. So maybe it could work here to