Confluent Cloud CLI

The Confluent Cloud CLI unlocks a powerful set of features for both the day-to-day activities of a developer as well as managerial functions for operators, architects, and analysts. A sampling of features in the cloud includes:

  • Full CRUD operations on Kafka clusters and topics, including the management of clusters across all major cloud providers—Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Management of service accounts and their associated API keys and Kafka ACLs
  • Creation and control (including pausing or stopping) of connectors, including viewing all connector types that are available to create
  • Full CRUD operations for Schema Registry clusters, schemas, and subjects
  • Management and switching between environments
  • Administration of ksqlDB apps, including automatically configuring the appropriate ACLs

There are also features to make your interaction with the CLI easier (currently limited to bash or zsh shell users), such as autocompletion ( ccloud completion --help ) and a fully customizable PS1 prompt for adding ccloud information to your terminal ( ccloud prompt --help ).

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