Confluent Schema Registry sdk

Hi folks

I understand that Confluent Schema Registry(CSR) uses kafka for schema storage. I am trying to integrate CSR with a golang application. My set up is as follows: Client C connects to Server S1(go app), S1 writes to another server S2. C → S1->S2

I want to integrate CSR with S1 such that when C submits any write to S1, S1 will use CSR to validate the submitted data against the respective schema. If it is valid, S1 will forward data to S2. Client C does not know anything about CSR here. Can such an integration be done? All documentation I could find was about how to use CSR for publishing data into kafka.

For such an integration, I would need a library of CSR. Using CSR as standalone application with REST APIs will not work since there will be huge network overhead if I make an API call to CSR for every write request submitted to S1. So I want to use sdk/library which already allows to cache the data from CSR standalone server, and can do validations locally.

If there is anything such in java, that will also work. Would really appreciate any documentation on sdk usage

If there is anything such in java, that will also work.

The Schema Registry Java client uses caching already via CachedSchemaRegistryClient class.

The Registry cannot (easily) be ran as embedded server, which you seem to be asking for.