Connect fails to register a schema, how can I see what it tried to register?

Connect is giving me the error: “Schema being registered is incompatible with an earlier schema for subject” . I know what the registered schema is by querying the Schema Registry API but I just need to find out exactly what schema Connect is trying (and failing) to register. Problem is, when I set Connect to trace level logging I don’t actually see what it tried to register with Schema Registry.

I did a PUT to /admin/loggers/root and passed in {“level”: “TRACE”} - should I not have seen the request to Schema Registry in there?

Can anyone suggest any strategies for finding out the specific schema it is failing to register so I can work out if I can change it?

I’m using strimzi 0.25 which deploys the connect image compatible with kafka-2.8.0

(I am sorely tempted to disable the schema checking on this topic but that feels like defeat…)