Control center "produce a new message to this topic" breaks with Avro

Confluent Platform 6.2.0 added a “produce a new message to this topic” form to the messages display. But the key and value have to be specified as JSON and, contrary to my hopes, don’t appear to leverage the REST Proxy to publish the message in Avro if the topic has Avro schemas.

So this new UI is a gotcha for any Avro-schema-using topic. If the user publishes a message via this form, their topic will now have a non-Avro message published to it. The UI reports the message as successfully published, but the topic is from that point in a broken state (previous messages in Avro, message via the new UI is JSON) and if you now try to use Control Center messages “jump to offset” to view messages from the beginning they’ll halt right before the JSON message due to the type mismatch.

Consider either enhancing the new UI so that it leverages the REST Proxy (or equivalent) to convert JSON to Avro in cases where the topic uses Avro schemas. Or else disabling/hiding the form if the topic has schemas which aren’t supported. Or at a minimum add a warning to that effect.