Control Center/Schema Registry record to file dump

Hi all

If we look at GitHub - riferrei/srclient: Golang Client for Schema Registry we see that the tool reads in a file (avro example, looking to find format for the Protobuf and JSON) to create the schema registry if the registry entry does not exist already,

Would be great if the control centre could be able to dump a save schema registry entry to this file format. Instead of having to type it out by hand, make mistakes. Dumping a known registry to file makes it also then allot easier to modify and then use in this method as per the code, and it’s also a nice way to have the file in text format, which then lets git registration.


looks like i got to kick myself. playing with CC now and it does seem to be there…

No kicking necessary. :slight_smile: And thanks for posting a follow-up!

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