Copying topics - Interesting use case


I have an interesting use case:

We have a topic called - lets call it TopicA - on environment E1

It keeps avro records in schema registry format - where first byte (eg with value 10) points to schema on schema registry on environment E1

We want to copy that topic as TopicA.2220224COPY into environment E2 without copying all topics.

We need applications on environment E2 to read data from TopicA.220224COPY with using schema registry running in E2.

We have application which uses schema registry deserializer configured with environment E1 which reads bytes as Avro generic records - then uses schema registry serializer configured with environment E2 to transform that Avro generic record into bytes and sends that to target topic.

Does anyone have this type of use case and if so, can this be done?

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This is exactly the use case that I blogged about

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