Create kafka stream for a specific topic

hi everyone, i’m looking for some help:
i produce and consume messages in a topic from a spring boot application which integrate with kafka, so i need to create a stream which stores all messages for this topic from KSQL server , how to create this stream this way

@mohamed.ibrahim if you could please clarify your question. Are you looking for help with the spring boot application, the ksqlDB portion, or a Kafka topic question in general? The more specifics you can provide, the more likely you are to receive a helpful answer.


my app raises events to some topic and these events are appeared in the confluent UI (control center) i want create stream of this topic from ksql server to catch these events

@mohamed.ibrahim This page has ksqlDB examples around specific scenarios. So in your case, “Creating a stream over an exsiting Kafka topic”: ksqlDB: The database purpose-built for stream processing applications.

thx for yr help but i saw these examples , i dont want to populate data using INSERT statement , i want the data to be populated dynamically based on the topic which my app raises event to it , is that even possible

The link I posted does not reference an INSERT statement, it references “creating a stream from an existing topic”, which is what you seem to be trying to accomplish.

it’s mention after this section
any ways i created the stream and selected from it but it didnt catch the new raised events to the topic
after setting ‘auto.offset.reset’ to ‘earliest’ i only got old data which i inserted by insert statement manually in cli
thx for yr help