Create table with BIGINT Primary Key


I want to create a table with bigint primary key but my topic key is string. That’s why I’m getting following error. Is there any way to select bigint as primary key.

ERROR {"type":0,"deserializationError":{"target":"key","errorMessage":"Error deserializing KAFKA message from topic: xtable","recordB64":null,"cause":["Size of data received by LongDeserializer is not 8"],"topic":"xtable"},"recordProcessingError":null,"productionError":null,"serializationError":null,"kafkaStreamsThreadError":null} (processing.transient_XTABLE_SHORT_ID_2526466428495456452.KsqlTopic.Source.deserializer:44)

You need to pre-process the data to change the data type (or change the upstream ingest from string to long). Or just work with String type.

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