Custom JsonSchemaConverter


My requirement is write custom JsonSchemaConverter and use that for confluentinc/cp-enterprise-replicator-executable:7.2.2


i created fat jar for my custom JsonSchemaConverter, but am facing difficulties to add this jar to replicator.

i tried to pass plugin.path, but it overrides other jars those are part of replicator(user/share/java).

can help to guide me the way to pass my custom JsonSchemaConverter?

How are you copying the new plugins to the plugin path? Maybe you are overwriting the directory during the copy process of the new custom plugin?

To include a new plugin to your current Kafka Connect installation, you should copy the jars inside of one of your plugin.path directories. To avoid mistakes, you can create a completely new folder a add it to your plugin.path variable. There is a very good explanation by Robin Moffatt in this blog post.

Hope it helps.

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