Debezium schema

Hello ,
I am working with Debezium mysql connector and encountered a scenario:
debezium infers the schema of the record and by default it registers the schema with Schema Registry. However, I have defined my own schema and it has its own namespace and record type. But as Debezium creates its own schema, it gives me a serialization exception.
Can I use my existing schema while producing a Debezium record.

I don’t think you can do this. You may try hitting up the debezium group up directly on zulip ( and ask but I think what you would need to do is let debezium read the data into a topic with its schema and then use ksqldb or streams to move it into your topic and schema. Can I ask why you want to use a custom schema instead of the one debezium creates?

What exactly is giving an exception? Any built-in deserializer should be able to consume the schema Debezium creates. You should not pre-register one on your own in the schema registry.

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