Delayed ksql stream queries

Hi All, I have a use case whereI have these topicsmy-topic

I have a springboot consumer which consumes from my-topic and makes REST call.

  • If the api fails will write to my-topic-error

I have ksqldb cluster which should read from my. my-topic and take the message payload, along with timestamp give 5 minutes delay (need to implement multiple retry option with time delay 5/15/30 minutes) and send message to my-topic-retry **

I would like to understand how I can implement this solution using ksqlDB stream queries?**

I have another retry springboot which consumes from my-topic-retry and should try calling REST endpoint and if anything fails it will be sent to my-topic-dlq

I am trying to achieve delayed execution of messages. Any suggestion? or this even can be achieved?


I don’t think it’s possible to implement this with ksqlDB. Maybe using Kafka Streams can help (via Punctuations).

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