Deployment of KSqlDB Objects in Confluent Cloud

We have .SQL files for All KSQLDB Objects in Github , How do we automate deploying these scripts into Confluent Cloud

Hi @VG2023,

I’d recommend checking out the ksql-migrations tool for managing ksqlDB objects that may evolve over time. That page has a section on using the tool when ksqlDB is in Confluent Cloud.

If you don’t need to worry about object evolution, you could take a more direct approach and use the ksqlDB CLI or the REST API that Confluent Cloud exposes. The Interacting with ksqlDB Hands On of the ksqlDB 101 course is a great resource for learning how to use these.

With those tools enabling object deployment, consider GitHub Actions to handle the automation. This blog and accompanying repository have a good example for using GitHub Actions for test automation – you might use this as a starting point for triggering usage of one the tools mentioned above.


Hi Dave Thanks , I will check ksql-migrations tool

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