Deserialize logical types in Sink Connectors

I’ve been looking for information on how to cast logical types correctly in Connectors and stumbled across Robin Moffatt’s deep dive on the JBDC Source Connector -

Is there an accepted way to handle this in all Connectors? For example I’ve configured AWS Lambda Sink Connector & Elastic Search Sink Connector and both are showing bytes in the respective system.

I found the source of my woes.

The AWS Lambda and Elastic Search Sink Connectors have hardcoded the JsonConverter to use the default “BASE64” option for “decimal.format”

If this configuration was exposed in the Connectors then “NUMERIC” could be chosen and everything would be awesome again.

@squarepegg glad you got it sorted. Just to confirm - is this with the managed connectors in Confluent Cloud?

This is running on-prem Kafka Connect.

I’d be interested in understanding if the Connectors behave differently when managed in Confluent Cloud.

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