Does Kaka provide At least once guarantee across clusters?

I have requirement to write KafkaCluserBridge app read from a topic ‘TopicA’ from Cluster A and publish to another topic ‘TopicB’ located cluster B. In this scenario Can I rely on Kafka Guarantees such as At least once, ordering across the clusters?

Should I just use Mirror Maker2 to replicate TopicA into cluster B and start my data pipeline processing, so that I could get Kafka guarantees, instead of writing my own KafkaClusterBridge application and stop worrying about failover scenarios?

TLDR: Does Kafka provide offset management and delivery guarantee across the cluster without Mirror Maker?

Mirror Maker 2 replicates data asynchronously so in general data can be lost during a failover scenario. For example:

  1. producer to primary cluster with acks=all has successfully written 1000 records
  2. primary fails
  3. failover to DR cluster

At #3, the DR cluster can have anywhere from 0 to 1000 of those records because MM2 replicates async.

Also Mirror Maker 2 doesn’t preserve offsets.

This Kafka Internals course module discusses MM2 plus other geo-replication options and their properties. If you need at least once delivery with respect to the primary and DR clusters, you would need a synchronous replication solution, either a single Kafka stretch cluster than spans regions and uses Kafka’s internal replication and delivery guarantees, or Confluent Platform’s Multi-Region Clusters feature (with synchronous replication, not observers).

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Thanks for your reply Dave. I appreciate your reply. Your answer is addressing multi region, DR scenario, but my scenario is bit different, perhaps I should have explained a little bit more clearer.

As part of data pipeline migration I have a requirement to mirror a high volume topic from Confluent to On Prem cluster. To avoid the duplication of data and throughput could I consume from Confluent Cloud topic and apply the business logic and finally publish to a downstream topic in On Prem cluster with the manual commit and with the producer settings ( acks=all, retries=3 , enable.idempotence=true)?

Could I expect seamless failover synchronisation across the two clusters in this approach? Can I get At least guarantee to work across Confluent Cloud and On Prem Cluster? If not do you see any other potential scenarios where I could loose messages?