Dynamic update of SSL property of Kafka is not working

For mutualTLS “ssl.client.auth” should be set to “required”. So, if we are trying to do dynamic update using below command

sh /opt/kafka/bin/kafka-configs.sh --bootstrap-server localhost:28104 --entity-type brokers --entity-name 117373 –alter --add-config ‘listener.name.app.ssl.client.auth=required’ Completed updating config for broker 117373.

sh /opt/kafka/bin/kafka-configs.sh --bootstrap-server localhost:28104 --entity-type brokers --entity-name 117373 --describe Dynamic configs for broker 117373 are: listener.name.app.ssl.client.auth=required sensitive=false synonyms={DYNAMIC_BROKER_CONFIG:listener.name.app.ssl.client.auth=required, STATIC_BROKER_CONFIG:ssl.client.auth=none, DEFAULT_CONFIG:ssl.client.auth=none}

Dynamic command execution is success but in captured tcpdump(pcap) “Certificate Request” is not sent from Server below

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