EKS connection issue to Confluent Cloud

Hello all,

I’m using Confluent Cloud for our Kafka cluster and self-managed connectors running EKS. The architecture is similar to Deploy Serverless Apache Kafka Connectors on Amazon except we are using Managed nodes on EKS rather than Fargate.

The Connect pods, unfortunately, are not connecting to the Confluent Cloud endpoints. I’m getting the following error:

Connection to node [redacted] terminated during authentication. This may happen due to any of the following reasons: (1) Authentication failed due to invalid credentials with brokers older than 1.0.0, (2) Firewall blocking Kafka TLS traffic (eg it may only allow HTTPS traffic), (3) Transient network issue.

I’m running EKS 1.21 to get around this “issue” with EKS certs: Certificate signing - Amazon EKS