ElasticSearch Sink Connector version compatibility table

I am trying to deploy confluentinc-kafka-connect-elasticsearch, however, I got error

Connector version 11.1.8 is not compatible with Elasticsearch version 1.2.4. Elasticsearch version must be at least 7.0.0.

I tried to find a version compatibility table online, but didn’t find.
I am wondering how to find which version is compatible with which ElasticSearch? Thanks!

The Elasticsearch connector from Confluent requires an Elasticsearch install with a minimal version of 7.X, as you can read in the connector pre-requisites. This matches with what is found in the connector’s source-code pom.xml.

Moreover, the Elasticsearch connector is only compatible with Elasticsearch from Elastic. Given the 1.2.4 version you shared, I have the impression that you may be trying to use the connector to connect with OpenSearch. This is not supported. OpenSearch is based on a fork of Elasticsearch, but these days they are no longer the same thing.


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