Error connecting to ksqldb in ecs w/ ksqldb-cli

I am trying to use a local ksqldb-cli container to connect to ksqldb running in ecs.

My command looks like:

docker run -it confluentinc/ksqldb-cli:0.28.2 ksql -u <username> -p <password> <ksql-server-URL>

I reach a ksql prompt, but it does not work. The following text is output:

CLI v0.28.2, Server v<unknown> located at <ksql-server-URL>

WARNING: Could not identify server version.
         Non-matching CLI and server versions may lead to unexpected errors.

Server Status: <unknown>

Having trouble? Type 'help' (case-insensitive) for a rundown of how things work!

Couldn't connect to the KSQL server: The server returned an unexpected error: 


Note that the unexpected error does not have an error associated with it. I should also note that I am able to use the same url and container to run ksql-migration commands.

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