🎧 Event-Driven Architecture - Common Mistakes and Valuable Lessons ft. Simon Aubury

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Event-driven architecture has taken on numerous meanings over the years—from event notification to event-carried state transfer, to event sourcing, and CQRS. Why has event-driven programming become so popular, and why is it such a topic of interest?

For the first time, Simon Aubury (Principal Data Engineer, ThoughtWorks) joins Tim Berglund on the Streaming Audio podcast to tell all, including his own experiences adopting event-driven technologies and common blunders when working in this area.

Simon admits that he’s made some mistakes and learned some valuable lessons that can benefit others. Among these are accidentally building a message bus, the idea that messages are not events, realizing that getting too fixated on the size of a microservice is the wrong problem, the importance of understanding events and boundaries, defining choreography vs. orchestration, and dealing with passive-aggressive events.

This brings Simon to where he is today, as he advocates for Apache Kafka® as a foundation for building a scalable, event-driven architecture and data-intensive applications.


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