Fetch the data from the Snowflake database via Confluent and then push it to Kafka topic

Hi Support Team,

My Source data is available in the Snowflake database(i.e. Producer). I want to fetch the data from the Snowflake database via Confluent and then push it to Kafka topic. Basically, My Producer is Snowflake database. So I don’t want to create a separate Producer application to fetch the data from the Snowflake database.

Note: I have read about the Snowflake Sink connector in the Confluent but it is supporting to only push the data to Snowflake database tables.


You have a couple of options here and I’ll try and hit the trade offs:

  • use the JDBC source connector. This requires you to have a timestamp and/or incrementing column in your snowflake schema. This will also create a relative constant load on your snowflake db. The JDBC source connector doesn’t seem to be extremely tested with snowflake, so you’ll have to try it out your self. The advantage here is it’s fairly low latency(think minutes).
  • use an ETL solution like Apache Camel or Airbyte/airflow. This is more batch style, the latency will depend on how often you run the job, how often you run the job will depend on how much load you want to put on snowflake.

Hi Mitchell-h, Thank you for the inputs.

I was able to find some options on JDBC Source Connector to produce the data to Kafka or Confluent Cloud.

I found a sample configurations. please refer the below link.

  1. Currently I have login access to Snowflake dev account. It have a ROLE and I am able to access to Database tables etc.

  2. We already have Kafka topic created on Confluent cluster.

Where do I Create JDBC Snowflake Source connector?