🎧 Getting Started with Spring for Apache Kafka ft. Viktor Gamov

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What’s the distinction between the Spring Framework and Spring Boot? If you are building a car, the Spring Framework is the engine while Spring Boot gives you the vehicle that you ride in. With experience teaching and answering questions on how to use Spring and Apache Kafka® together, Viktor Gamov (Principal Developer Advocate, Kong) designed a free course on Confluent Developer and previews it in this episode. Not only this, but he also explains why the opinionated Spring Framework would be a good hero in Marvel.

Spring is an ever-evolving framework that embraces modern, cloud-native technologies with cross-language options, such as Kotlin integration. Unlike its predecessors, the Spring Framework supports a modern version of Java and the requirements of the Twelve-Factor App manifesto for you to move an application between environments without changing the code. With that engine in place, Spring Boot introduces a microservices architecture. Spring Boot contains databases and messaging systems integrations, reducing development time and increasing overall productivity.

Spring for Apache Kafka applies best practices of the Spring community to the Kafka ecosystem, including features that abstract away infrastructure code for you to focus on programming logic that is important for your application. Spring for Apache Kafka provides a wrapper around the producer and consumer to ease Kafka configuration with APIs, including KafkaTemplate, MessageListenerContainer, @KafkaListener, and TopicBuilder.

The Spring Framework and Apache Kafka course will equip you with the knowledge you need in order to build event-driven microservices using Spring and Kafka on Confluent Cloud. Tim and Viktor also discuss Spring Cloud Stream as well as Spring Boot integration with Kafka Streams and more.


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