Hello from Germany as well

Hi everybody,

since it looks like it would make sense to introduce yourself a bit, here is my short introduction:

i am a software developer based in south west germany and was listening to a talk about ksqldb on the hamburg codetalks conferenct two years ago.
I was intrigued by the idea of having real time query capabilities with lots of stream data and thought it might be a good idea to try it for myself with the cofluent platform docker images as a “quick” start.
Listening to some of the 101 videos about kafka from Tim Berglund (which i really enjoyed watching/following) i decided to take a deeper dive into the concepts / using of kafka / ksqldb to evaluate if it would make sense using these in our business environment.

So i hope to get some better insights (or even help) with some of these topics to get knowledge about kafka and its ecosystems.

Thanks for having me here,

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Hello Oliver,

Welcome to the community forum :slight_smile: . If you aren’t already aware we’ve built a site with loads of learning materials including examples, courses, and other resources at https://developer.confluent.io/

Good luck-

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Hello Rick,
thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:
I already found the developer site and am currently working on/with the Confluent platform quick start.

It made me wonder a few times, checked it multiple times with the docker containers and always got stuck when using the web frontend to query the streams that you setup during that quickstart. i never came back with any results, but instead said it would still run…

So i thought i’d give the ksqldb-cli in the docker container a try and luckily i could get results in there. Since i don’t know if there is some weird special thing going on with my docker environment, it might probably be helpful for others to mention this option in the quickstart as well?

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