Helm chart template for KsqlDB with interactive mode

Hi community,
there is a helm chart template for KsqlDB from confluent (cp-helm-charts/charts/cp-ksql-server at master · confluentinc/cp-helm-charts · GitHub). But it is just for KsqlDB in non-interactive mode.

Does anybody know if there is also a helm chart template for interactive mode or what changes are needed for using the interactive mode.

Thanks in advance!


Those Helm Charts are no longer maintained. But yes, that’s ksql server.

You can simply download ksql cli locally, or use kubectl exec/run to get an interactive shell using existing ksql-cli image, or otherwise submit queries to the server REST API, or even use Control Center


@OneCricketeer thx for your answer.

I need a KsqlDB deployment for Kubernetes with 3 instances in interactive mode. I think where for the KsqlDB Servers needs to communicate to each other. And I think there needs s.th. to configure in the helm charts.

Maybe I have a misunderstanding what “interactive mode” means, but none of what I said prevents you from running multiple instances

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