Hi, Gerard here from the Netherlands

Hi, I’ve been using Kafka on and off for projects in production and passion projects for over 5 years.

In one of those pet projects, using Rust, I found out there was nothing yet to use schema registry with Rust. I released it as a library which now has 8000+ downloads. It also has support for schema references, Protobuf and JSON Schema.

When it’s not winter I like to go out for a run. Nowadays I stay fit doing some exercises at home, including some rowing. I make my own sourdough bread. I also like to play Rpg’s and building Lego, last build was the Batmobile 1989.


Great to see you here!

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Hey @gklijs, great to have you here! Your name always springs to mind whenever someone asks about Rust and Kafka :slight_smile:

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