Hi, I am Charl from South Africa

Hi, I am Charl, from South Africa.

I love working with real-time data. I have been using Kafka for a couple of years now and was one of the first batch of people to get a Confluent Certified Developer badge for Apache Kafka.

I have had the privilige to be on mr Berglund’s streaming podcast talking about Kafka and F5’s and also recently co-presented a streaming webinar all about Kafka with another mr Berglund, my colleague :grinning:

I specialize in Kafka, other message bus systems, C# and SQL.

We push KSQL to its LIMITS, but it keeps on bending which is great!

Excited to be part of the forum. More deets on my profile, blogamathing or social media.

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Hi Charl - I always think of you as the ksql doughnuts guy! :doughnut::doughnut: :smiley:
Great to have you here, looking forward to your contributions especially over at #ksqldb :slight_smile:

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