Hi, I am Daniel, from Cracow

Hi everyone! I am Daniel Jagielski, working as a consultant in couple of projects based on Kafka and stream processing. Cooperating with Virtuslab, where I am conducting Tech Lead role, managing a team developing Risk Management platform.
I contribute to the community by sharing my experience via blogposts and public speaking (ie. Kafka Summit 2020 talk).
Proud member of Confluent Community Catalyst 2020-2021 class.


Hey @yagiel, great to see you here :wave:

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Hello @yagiel and welcome :wave: :partying_face:!

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Welcome @yagiel to this new forum!

Hi @yagiel!

Iā€™m looking forward to your Meetup presentation next week!

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Thanks @daveklein! Hope to meet you there :slight_smile: