Hi, I'm George - Nooooob,

hi Hi all.

George here, from South Africa. Primarily an Infrastructure/Platform/Database and Technology Architect now.

Background is Oracle Technologies, as a regional pre sales product lead for Oracle.

For self education, taught myself Python, discovered Kafka and love it, trying hard to enlighten my colleagues… not winning though, sadly. (discovered a couple of my previous Oracle colleagues now work for Confluent, makes so much sense when looking at the technology).

Exploring Golang a the moment.

along the way exploring unstructured databases, new platforms like K8s.


Hey George, great to see you here!

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Hope to make here a new home.

so that I don’t “annoy” people in the wrong thread, where do we talk Kafka and Golang…

hmmm, likewise, do we have a dedicated section for Python…

Looked but could not find a top level section where in all the threads are located for the different languages.


Head over to #clients:non-java-clients for that :slight_smile:
If it gets big enough we can partition it further but for now all non-Java languages are in there

ok, saw that, … I’d not wait, keep it nice and clean and easy for people to know, all Python here, All Golang here, all .Net here…
Clients / Golang
Clients / Java
Clients / Python
Clients / .Net