Hi, my name is Andrew

Hi, my name is Andrew Schofield.

I’m a software engineer working for IBM in the UK. I’ve used Kafka for about 5 years, initially leading a team offering it as a public cloud service, and then on Kubernetes. I have written several Kafka connectors. I’ve presented at Kafka Summit 4 times and I’m on the program committee for 2020 and 2021.

Nowadays, I’m building an automation platform that uses event streams and Apache Kafka at its heart.

Pleased to meet you.



Hi Andrew! Glad to have you! :wave:

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hey @andrew_schofield, nice to see you here :slight_smile:

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Welcome, @andrew_schofield!

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Hi Andrew,

I see that you are also a Confluent Community Catalyst! Thank you for all your efforts in the community!