How can I read the last message from a Kafka topic that has three partitions?

Currently I am using following code with Confluent-Kafka library. But with this code I can read the newest message from the defined partition. But the Kafka server is writing the values of my topic each time to a different partition(Partition 0,1,2). So the last (newest) message in the partition is not always the newest message that has been sent to Kafka from the source side.

How can I adapt my code for three partitions? Is there a simple function for that? Or do I have to read each time from all partitions the message with Offset.End,check the timestamp, and decide which one is the newest one?

            CancellationTokenSource source = new CancellationTokenSource();
            CancellationToken cancellationToken = source.Token;
            using (var consumer = new ConsumerBuilder<Ignore, string>(config).Build())

                //while (!cancellationToken.IsCancellationRequested)
                while (var_true)
                    TopicPartitionOffset tps = new TopicPartitionOffset(new TopicPartition("My_Topic", 1),Offset.End);
                    var consumeResult = consumer.Consume(cancellationToken);                      
                    Kafka_message_total = consumeResult.Message.Value;

                    // additional code to send the message value to an application




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